Press Release: Green International Campus - from Berlin to a Green Network

31.08.2011: From 24.-28. August 2011 68 interested students from 17 different countries all over the world discussed issues concerning gender politics, climate and development as well as diversity and tolerance during the "Green International Campus”. Additionally they could also broaden their horizons in skill-based workshops.

This four day conference was hosted as the first project by Campusgrün Bildungswerk e.V. and was supported by the Youth Action Program of the European Union and in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. In this context we would like to offer special thanks to our partners.

The Campusgrün Bildungswerk e.V. is also grateful to the speakers Gotelind Alber (Gendercc), Manu-ela Berndt, George-Konstantinos Charonis (ESU), Sven Drebes & Hannah Küßner (B90/Die Grünen; BAG Behinderung), Natalia Elen (bas), Florian Kaiser (ESU), Anselm Lange (Green Campus), Markus Le-derer (Universität Potsdam), Jordan Long (IGLYO), Magnus Malnes (ESU), Florian Mersmann & Marion Vieweg-Mersmann, Verena Mosen, Andrea Nienhaus, Hermann Ott (MdB), Oliver Passek (B90/ Die Grünen; BAG Medien und Netzpolitik), Katja Urbatsch & Wolf Derrmann (Arbeiterkind e.V.), Yasemin Yagci (INCHER Kassel) and Peter Zervakis (HRK) for their expertise on all the different matters. All speakers could give the participant new insights and perspectives in their special fields and were also confronted with new aspects in the following discussions with participants from a diverse social and cultural background.

Both panel discussions concerning "Climate Change in our modern world" and "Nuclear vs. Renewable energies - the future of energy" were very successful because of the know-how of panel members Jürgen Maier (Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung), Armin Olunczek (UniSolar Potsdam), Hermann Ott (MdB, B90 / Die Grünen), Anja Schillharneck (Moderation, B90/Die Grünen; BAG Wissenschaft, Hochschule, Technologiepolitik), Astrid Schneider (B90/Die Grünen; BAG Energie), Katharina Spiegel (Moderation; B90/ Die Grünen), Albrecht Tiedemann (RENAC) and George Tsatsaronis (TU Berlin).

Last but not least we want to thank our staff Katja Bauch, Ruth Blanck, Partick Fey, Alexander Franke, Thomas Heise, Judith Kahle, Franziska Kerting, Kathleen Pauleweit, Markus Saborowski, Charlotte Schwesinger, Jonas Thiele und Rebecca Weber who made the congress possible.

Apart from content workshops concerning a wide range of topics a group of interested students developed the idea of an annual Green International Campus. The Bildungswerk Campusgrün e.V. is delighted, that the Gröna Studenter Sweden will surely host the Green International Campus 2011 and looks forward a great cooperation.

Jacqueline Klimesch (CEO Campusgrün Bildungswerk e.V.)

The press release is available as download in English and German below.

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